Letter from Stan Laurel to Steven Zaharoff

Dear Steven [Zaharoff]:
                Thanks your letter.
I too wish you & your family a very Happy New Year, continued good health in 1964.
    I too have that book "The Movies" - very interesting documentary - you mention a film titled "Atta Boy", I do'nt recall appearing in this one?
    No, I am not familiar with "Warmith's Restaurant" in Boston, its many years since I played in the City.
    The Hal Roach Studio was demolished several months ago - I was quite saddened to see this happen after been associated for so many years.
    Regarding your enquiry re writing a book on my career - one was published some time ago titled: "Mr Laurel & Mr Hardy", written by John McCabe, published by Doubleday,Co. New York. maybe you could get a copy at your local public library - if not available, check with the book dealer where you got "The Movies" book.
    Again wish you a wonderful New Year -
    Take care of yourself -
                As always -
Stan Laurel Signature                 STAN LAUREL.

Note from the Editor

Atta Boy (1926) stars comedian Monty Banks as Monty Milde, who gets mixed up with dumb detectives and brutal bootleggers while stopping over at a big-city hotel. According to many sources, Stan Laurel plays an uncredited role as an elevator operator in the film, but Laurel and Hardy scholars remain unconvinced. Stan's recollection should be the final word on the subject.


Dear Joe:
    Thanks yours, 31st.ult. nice to hear from you again & to know alls well - I imagine the agency business has changed a great deal in this new area of show Bus. Several of the L&H fans in England told me of the team Scott & Lloyd - hope their program will be shown on TV here, would be interested in seeing them.
    I have'nt heard from Bert Tracey for quite some time, hope he's getting along OK & feeling good -
    I too wish you a wonderful New Year Joe, lots of good health & a happy & prosperous 1964.
    Take care - God Bless.
                As always -
Stan Laurel Signature


Dear Marie [Smallen]:
    Thanks for the kind remembrance, but sincerely sorry to hear of your seperation from Rick, I had a nice card from him too, but did'nt bear your name - I sensed that something evidently was wrong, even tho' he never mentioned there was any trouble. Thats too bad Marie - you were all such a happy family - anyway hope the breach is not too serious & in time things will get straightened out again. Am pleased to note the boys are with you - please convey my love & bestest -
    Eda joins in wishing you all a wonderful New Year, continued good health & a happy prosperous 1964.
    Take good care of yourself - God Bless.
                As always -
Stan Signature                 STAN LAUREL.

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Dear Irene [Heffernan]:
    Just a few more stamps for your collection -
    Hope Jim & yourself & feeling well -
    Love & bestest from us both here,
                As always:
Stan Signature

Postcard from Stan Laurel to Dean Kaner
POSTCARD - 849 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, CA - TYPEWRITTEN

Thanks Dean [Kaner] yours 5th.inst. Have no idea where you could find any color Stills of L&H. M.G.M. "Rogue Song" was the only color film we appeared in. Can only suggest you keep on contacting dealers. Did you try Movie Star News,121,E.14th.St. New York.3.N.Y.??, I understand they have a big supply of L&H stills.
    Again all the best for the New Year to you & yours -
    Good luck luck - God bless.
                As always -
Stan Laurel Signature                 STAN LAUREL.

Letter from Stan Laurel to Richard Sloan

Dear Richard [Sloan]:
                Thanks yours 9th.inst.
I heard about 'The Art Of Film' program from several fans back there - comments were 'Pro & Con'. Re "Tell us More" I have'nt heard of that program - note that is a local too. When you see Jack McCabe at the Taping session please convey my bestest.
    Yes I knew the late Jimmy Russell quite well when I was with Fred Karno's Co. Jimmy worked in the London Co. & I was with the Provincial troupe - I had heard recently that he had died - he used to be the 'Boy in The Box' character in "Mumming Birds" (titled in the States as 'A Night in a London Music Hall".)
    I do'nt recall this Lady Nina Varela - if you could find out what films she appeared in with us I may remember her - do'nt recognize her in the picture you sent me - no doubt has changed a great deal since that time - did you ever see the Russian Dancing team the Bros.BOBB - Shiska & Thingama (used to do a trampoline act known as the "Bounding Layoffs".!!!)
    Mrs L. joins in wishing you & yours a wonderful New Year, continued good health & a happy prosperous 1964.
    Bye Dick - God Bless.
                as always -
Stan Signature                 STAN LAUREL.
P.S. did you hear any further about the Team that were to make a film on L&H.??
    Enclosed news photo clipping was just sent me from SPAIN - thought it would interest you.

Note from the Editor

Nina Varela (1902-1982) was a television actress in the 1950s-60s. She never appeared in a Laurel and Hardy film.

POSTCARD - 849 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, CA - TYPEWRITTEN

I know the titles are occasionally changed in England and most countries abroad. “Sons of the Desert” was called “Fraternally Yours”–I think it’s a better title.

Stan Laurel

Thanks yours [Ron Maher] recd. this AM. Yes Billy Gilbert is still active (semi-retirement.) If your friend Mike Skurchak is looking for L&H films, have him contact a friend of mine Mr Mike Polacek, 2207,Washington Ave. Huntington, West Va. he has several films for sale I understand. Note WPIX are now showing L&H films at 3.PM. is Chuck McCann still in charge of that program? I know the titles are occasionally changed in England & most Countries Abroad "Sons of the Desert" was called "Fraternally Yours" - I think its a better title.!
    Again, all the best in '64.
    Good luck -
                as always -
Stan Laurel Signature                 STAN LAUREL.


Dear David Hanna:
                Thanks yours of recent date.
Am not sure actually when Mae Busch died, but it was quite a few years ago.
    Regarding your wish to visit with me - suggest you give me a call (EXbrook 3-5656) so we can arrange a definite date for some afternoon next week, shall be pleased to meet you whenever convenient.
    With pleasure I enclose an autographed picture - thanks for the request.
    Wish you & yours a very Happy New Year, '64.
                Sincerely always - Stan Laurel Signature                 STAN LAUREL.


Dear Victor [Savinier]:
    Thanks your letter of Dec. 22nd.ult. - appreciate your kind remembrance - I too wish you & yours a Wonderful New Year, continued good health & a Happy prosperous 1964.
    Pleased to know the old L&H films are still affording you so much pleasure - Thank you re the kind sentiments so warmly expressed.
    The film you mention was titled "Busy Bodies" I remember it well - brings back many happy memories. The other you mention (Burning down Ollie's home) was titled "Helpmates".
    I fully understand your feeling regarding the Jerry Lewis type of humor - I too feel the same way about it another one is Frank Fontaine with Jackie Gleason! they both have a lot of talent so its not necessary to resort to this to get laughs, they can't realize they may be hurting many people who are unfortunate.
    Thanks again for your kind greetings & wishes.
                Very sincerely - Stan Laurel Signature                 STAN LAUREL.

POSTCARD - 849 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, CA - TYPEWRITTEN

Sorry Bob [Stowell] long delay in acknowledging receipt of the Tape - enjoyed it very much, the Al Jolson numbers especially - appreciate your trouble.
    Have'nt been feeling to good - glad this Xmas excitement is finally over with. Glad you all enjoyed a Merry Xmas celebration & again wish you all a wonderful New Year, continued good health & a happy prosperous 1964.
    Good luck - God Bless.
                As always -
Stan Signature                 STAN LAUREL.

POSTCARD - 849 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, CA - TYPEWRITTEN

Thanks Rita & Tony [Harrison] your recent letter recd. I did acknowledge your card. & previous letter telling me about your new home - again wish you lots of good luck & happiness in your new surroundings - so sorry to hear about your Grandad Jackie - I'll drop him a line bless his heart. Wish you both a wonderful New Year, continued good health & a Happy prosperous 1964.
    Bye - God Bless -
                Sincerely as always:
Stan Signature                 'Uncle'
                STAN LAUREL.

POSTCARD - 849 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, CA - TYPEWRITTEN

Thanks yours [Glenn Laxton], 17th.inst. No I was never connected with J.P. Kennedy Productions. Have no idea what became of Patricia Ellis or Anita Garvin. John Bunny was one of the early silent film Stars - very popular, I never met him personally but I saw him many times on the screen in those days. I never knew the actual facts on the Fatty Arbuckle situation - never met him personally either. I do'nt know just exactly how long the L&H Fan Club has been in existence - maybe three or four years, - ASK YOUR PRESIDENT.! (He probably does'nt know either.!!).
    Bye Glenn - Bestest from us both here -
                As always -
Stan Laurel Signature                 STAN LAUREL.

Note From The Editor

Joseph P. Kennedy was the father of John F. Kennedy. Patricia Ellis (1916-1970) starred with Laurel & Hardy in Blockheads (1938). Anita Garvin (1906-1994) starred with Laurel & Hardy in 17 shorts and feature films from 1925-1940 including Swiss Miss, A Chump at Oxford, Blotto, Why Girls Love Sailors, and From Soup to Nuts. John Bunny (1863-1915) was a stage actor for 26 years, when he made his first silent in 1910. He was America's first major comic screen actor. Fatty Arbuckle (1887-1933) was tried three times for rape and manslaughter of actress Virginia Rappe and finally acquitted.

POSTCARD - 849 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, CA - TYPEWRITTEN

Thanks [Bob Stowell] yours 18th.inst. Just wrote you acknowledging the full reel of tape you sent me.
    Yes, I have many write me asking where they can obtain L&H films - please send me the list of titles you wish to dispose of so I can have these people contact you direct. Hope your video tape system proves successful - are any more of these for sale? If so, please send me details.
     Again my regards & best -
                As always -
Stan Signature                 STAN LAUREL.

POSTCARD - 849 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, CA - TYPEWRITTEN

Thanks Dean [Kaner] your interesting letter 22nd.inst. wish you lots of success on your TV appearance - please convey my humble & sincere thanks to all for the loyal & kind support given to L&H thru' the many years for which I am very grateful - I know Ollie would join me in deep appreciation for the incentive you all afforded us in our work to please you, most encouraging.
    My wish to all for a happy, healthy & prosperous 1964.
                Sincerely always -
Stan Laurel Signature                 STAN LAUREL.

Dean Kaner Adds

January 1964, I appeared on a local television show in Duluth, MN to convey the above message from Stan Laurel to all of his fans in the area.


Dear Richard [Sloan]:
                Thanks yours,27th.inst.
Pleased to know you finally met my good friend Jack McCabe & had an interesting chat, Jack's a very nice person, am veryfond of him. Note the "Tell Us More" program was aired last night, am looking forward to hearing the tape of it.
    Glad you enjoyed "Mad, Mad World" film, hope I shall have the chance to see it some time, have heard a lot of Pros & Cons - Aye's & naye's,
    Enclosed a snapshot of Dana Andrews & Charlton Heston presenting me with the Screen Actors Guild Award for '63 last Dec. I understand Eddie Cantor recd. it in '62. I was unable to attend the Annual Dinner at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, so it was accepted by Danny Kaye.
    Not much else new Richard, so all for now. Mrs L joins in kindest & bestest -
                As always - Stan Signature                 STAN LAUREL.

My Hobby: Laurel and Hardy

Stan with Mike Polacek

By Mike Polacek

I saw my first Laurel and Hardy movie back in 1932 in my native Johnstown, Pa. I think the name of the theater was “The Park,” and “The Music Box” was the name of the movie. I laughed so much that my sides hurt, and at that time became a Laurel and Hardy fan. I used to watch the theater listings for Laurel and Hardy movies and went to see everyone that I could. I remember as a boy when a theater had two Laurel and Hardy features and a Laurel and Hardy short showing. I took a lunch went to the theater at 10 a.m. when it opened and stayed and watched them over and over until the theater closed at about midnight. This was done many times as I never got tired of watching Laurel and Hardy movies.
    About five years ago I purchased my first Laurel and Hardy movie “Double Whoopie,” which was the last silent movie Laurel and Hardy made in 1929. As of Sept. 28, 1963, I now have over 100 Laurel and Hardy movies in my collection both 8mm and 16mm sound and silent and duplicates. I also have some movies that Laurel and Hardy made before they teamed up. I also have the “This Is Your Life Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy,” which Ralph Edwards did on their lives in 1954, along with home movies I took of Stan Laurel when I went out to visit him in May 1963 and spent five wonderful, never-to-forget days with Stan Laurel and his wonderful wife, Eda.
    While visiting Stan in California, I met Minta Durfee, silent movie star who was married to Fatty Arbuckle, and Flo St. John, widow of Al “Fuzzy” St. John, who dropped in to visit Stan and show him some old time movies of himself, Fatty Arbuckle and Al St. John.
    I correspond with Stan regularly, and he has sent me clippings for my Laurel and Hardy scrapbook many times, along with other material pertaining to Laurel and Hardy. Knowing Stan personally makes my hobby that much more interesting, as I hope to have every movie Stan & Ollie made as a team and as singles.
    In my opinion Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy are the greatest comedians in the world and nobody can come close to their great and wonderful talent.
    I have met many people both in person and thru correspondence due to my hobby, and I will be happy to hear from any serious Laurel and Hardy fan or collector.
    I also have recorded on tape all of the sound tracks of my L&H features and shorts and I enjoy listening to them. Here is my list:

5-1 reelers & 2 duplicates
18-2 reelers & 6 duplicates
3-full length features

1-1 reeler
2-2 reelers

16mm SOUND
3-1 reelers & 3 duplicates
26-2 reelers & 5 duplicates
8-3 reelers & 2 duplicates
16 full-length features & 1 duplicate
3-16mm silent with soundtrack of music and narrations
10-8mm parts of other L&H pictures & retitled

Thank You.

Mike Polacek
2207 Washington Ave.
Huntington, W. Va.

—8mm Collector
    February 1964

Mike Polaceck’s L&H Movie Collection

(F) Feature
(O) Oliver Hardy only
(S) Stan Laurel only
(C) Cartoon

Oranges & Lemons (S)
Seeing The World (S)
On The Front Page (S)
Mud & Sand (S)
His One Ambition (O)
Is Marriage The Bunk? (O)
Barnum & Ringling Inc. (O)
The Saw Mill (O)
Bromo & Juliet (O)
Along Came Auntie (O)
Paper Hanger's Helper (O)
Hop To It Bellhop (O)
The Perfect Clown (O) (F)
From Soup To Nuts
The Second Hundred Years
Wrong Again
Sugar Daddies
Double Whoopie
Early To Bed
We Faw Down
You’re Darn Tootin'
Call of the Cuckoo
Sailors Beware
Putting Pants On Phillip
Their Purple Moment
Angora Love
Bacon Grabbers
Criminals At Large (Liberty)
Leave ’Em Laughing
The Finishing Touch
Two Tars
Big Business
Fra Diavolo (F)
A Haunting We Will Go (F)
Great Guns (F)
Jitterbugs (F)
Our Relations (F)
Bohemian Girl (F)
Swiss Miss (F)
Babes In Toyland (F)
Beau Hunks (F)
Flying Deuces (F)
Blockheads (F)
Saps At Sea (F)
Sons of the Desert (F)
A Chump At Oxford (F)
Pack Up Your Troubles (F)
Pick A Star (F)
Pardon Us (F)
Way Out West (F)
The Laurel & Hardy Murder Case
Oliver the 8th
Be Big
Chickens Come Home
The Chimp
Another Fine Mess
This Is Your Life, Laurel & Hardy
The Music Box
Nite Owls
Tit For Tat
Them Dar Hills
Going Bye Bye
The Live Ghost
Thicker Than Water
Any Old Port
Midnight Patrol
Me and My Pal
The Station Master (O)
The Hoosegow
Their First Mistake
County Hospital
Do Detectives Think?
Twice Two
The Perfect Day
Dirty Work
One Good Turn
Flying Elephants
Busy Bodies
The Brats
Fixer Uppers
Towed In A Hole
Laughing Gravy
Should Tall Men Marry? (S)
Long Fliv The King (O)
Good Old Corn (O)
Our Wife
Below Zero
Love ’Em & Weep
Hog Wild
Men ‘O’ War
With Love and Hisses
A Day At The Studio
Neapolitan Nights
Movie Star Mickey (C)
Thundering Fleas (O)
The Sleuth (S)
The Soilers (S)
A Sea Dog’s Tale (O)
Eve’s Love Letters
Mixed Nuts (S)
Pick & Shovel (S)
Zenobia (O) (F)
Battle of the Century
Smithy (S)
Come Clean
Unaccustomed As We Are
The Nickel Hopper (O)
The Big Noise (F)
Near Dublin (O)
Rivals (O)
Wandering Papas (O)
A Day's Vacation (O)
The Chief Cook (O)
Crazy Like A Fox (O)
45 Minutes From Hollywood
Kill Or Cure (S)
Dough-Nuts (O)
All Is Fair (O)
The Rogue (O)
His Day Out (O)
Should Men Walk Home (O)
Bonnie Scotland (F)
Laurel & Hardy Tour England
Man About Town (S)
Laurel & Hardy Color News Movie
Slipping Wives
Interview with Ollie
The Wizard of Oz (O)
Kid Speed (O)
The Fighting Kentuckian (O) (F)
Half A Man (S)
Collars & Cuffs (S)
That’s My Wife
Habeas Corpus
Just Rambling Along (S)

—8mm Collector
    February 1964

Stan Watermark