Culver City, California,
                January 24th, 1934.

Mr. Stan Laurel,
Beverly Hills, California.

Dear Mr. Laurel
    Upon your return to the Studio on the 24th of January, 1934, you have informed us that you have been unable to work on account of the condition of your health and desired that, by reason of your inability to render services since January 16th, 1934, you did not wish to be paid for last week. Accordingly, we are remitting today for the period of time during which you have worked last week, and also are remitting for the balance of the week in accordance with the provisions of the contract between us dated January 7th, 1930.
    We forther understand from you that, on account of the condition of your health, it will be impossible for you to render services cursuant to the contract of employment between us, dated January 7th, 1930. By reason thereof, we avail ourselves of the provisions of the the contract relating to your disability to render services and, pursuant thereto, no compensation, other than compensation provided for therein during periods of suspension due to disablity and/or incapacity, shall be paid to you, as therein provided, and the contract shall be suspended, due to such incapacity and/or diability, and until rendition of services therein set forth and in said contract porovided for and contemplated.
    Said contract shall be in full force and effect and during such period shall also entitle us to all rights, benefits and provileges therein set forth, and, likewise, the period thereof shall be extended during the continuance of such incapacity and/or disability, commencing with and subsequent to January 16, 1934.
    We have stated to you then, and we reiterate it now, that we are desirous that you resume the rendition of the services provided for and specified in such agreement in existence between us at the earliest possible moment, and of which resumption we shall be glas to receive notice from you.
    We, indeed, regret the incapacity so occasioned by the condition you your health.
                Yours very truly,
                HAL ROACH STUDIOS, INC.,
                By HENRY GINSBERG
                Vice Pres.

Stan Watermark