Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy Footprints from “The Sidewalk of a Thousand Footprints.”
The Daytna Beach Journal Reported

“The Sidewalk of 1,000 Footprints,” begun in early spring of 1940, was created by W.J. Finn, president of the Anglers’ Club in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Finn, an ardent fisherman, conceived the idea that, since it is probable that the first fishermen ever to cast a hook into waters of this continent did their casting at the site of this memorial, it was a fitting place in which to honor the sport. Concrete slabs set into the ground around the clubhouse, tell an interesting story of the host of visitors who have fished here, people from all parts of the globe. Also included are the names, footprints and, in some instances, reproductions of the signatures of famous persons whom Finn had informed of this work.

Footprints Appear in Famous Sidewalk of Club

Sidewalk of a Thousand Footprints

A tablet for John S. Duss, Sr., of this city has been placed in the “Sidewalk of a Thousand Footprints” in the Angler's Club Memorial to Fisherman, W.J. Finn, Club president, said today.
    The Duss tablet reads: "John S. Duss, renowned composer and conductor, noted for his Mass in Honor of St. Veronica. Home, New Smyrna Beach.” Duss left recently for Ambridge, Pa., where he will spend the Summer.
    Finn received word today that character shoes belonging to Laurel and Hardy, famous movie comedians, will be sent soon. The footprints of the comedy artists will be added to those of other famous persons of the movie world. Stan Laurel’s secretary wrote to Finn in regard to the footprints.

—Daytona Beach Journal
    January 3, 1941

Stan Laurel Repeats Himself

Stan and Ruth Laurel

LAS VEGAS, NEV—Film comic Stan Laurel, the tale of whose marital adventures would make a book much larger and much funnier than a mail order catalogue, began to repeat himself. He remarried Virginia Ruth Laurel, the third of his four wives. Stan Laurel and his bride Virginia Ruth Laurel are shown shortly after the marriage ceremony in which they were remarried.

—International News Photo
    (January 12, 1941)

Stan Laurel Remarries Ex-Wife

Stan and Ruth Laurel

Stan Laurel, film comedian, and Mrs. Virginia Ruth Laurel, second of his former wives, photographed after they were remarried at Las Vegas, Nev. They said they were “thrilled” at trying matrimony together again.

—AP Wirepohoto
    (January 12, 1941)

Stan Watermark