Ethel [Stanley] Dear,
    Thanks so much for your cute card - I got quite a kick out of. Am looking forward to seeing you again real soon. Don't diet too much.
                Kindest Thoughts Always,
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Laurel and Hardy Deny Split Rumors

The persistent rumor in Hollywood that the famous comedy team of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy was to be split was denied yesterday by both comedians.
    Laurel, reported to have negotiated a contract for appearance in England and France where the team is popular, said he had taken a few weeks’ leave from the Hal E. Roach studios for a rest.
    “I wouldn’t think of negotiating a contract on my own hook,” said Laurel. “I realize my value as a comedian lies in the fact that I am teamed with Hardy.”

—Joplin News Herald
    February 16, 1934

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