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                January 2nd.'53.
Dear Teddy and Gertie Desmond:-
    We have an offer to play Singapore - Bangkok, Hongkong & Japan starting in April. Will have to do a dumb act of some kind, which too would be useful for all Foreign Countries. Might be an idea to form a pantomime troupe, headed by us, a la Karno.
    Love & kind thoughts from Eda & me to you all.
                As ever:-
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Dear Lawrie and Jeanette [Lorraine],
    Thanks for your nice letter also the lovely Xmas card - greatly appreciated - especially, it being one of your drawings - that's one we shall keep.
    Firstly, Eda joins in every good wish to you both for a very Happy and Prosperous New Year - Lots of good health & luck. Note you wrote from Hull. We played the New Theatre there in '47. Even tho' we did good Bus. was glad to get out, being just after the war. The place was really a mess. Seems strange you talking of ice & fog - while here is just like summer - warm & sunshine - not a bit like Xmas. Hope you were'nt in the Fog season in London - must have been terrible & so many lives lost too. Glad to hear the Ambassadors are still clicking for you, but you will have to make me fatter - I am 11 Stone now. The rest has done to me a lot of good & am feeling better than ever - & have got my corns fixed too! Can Toe Dance now! (For about a minute) Enclosed a snap of Eda, will send you a large one later. Eda is down on the beach having a swim - know she sends her love to you both. All for now. Trust all is well & happy & filling up the datebook for '53. & in the meantime I will think up some new ideas for your act - but you will have to get a new easel and cut out the Tramp make-up!!
    Bye & God bless,
                As ever-
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My Dear Trixie [Wyatt]-
    First - Mrs L. joins in every good wish to you & yours for a very Happy & prosperous new Year - with lots of good Health. Sorry so long in answer to your nice letter & Xmas Card for which many, many thanks, but the holidays put me behind in my correspondence & am now just catching up with it. glad to tell you I am feeling much better - gained a lot of weight - the rest has done me a world of good & am in good shape to get going again.
    Read about the bad weather you are having - its wonderful here - just like summer - has been since we got back in Oct. Hard to get into the Xmas & New Year spirit - walking around in shorts! Had a letter last week from Jackie Harrison - said he had been sick. Yes, wish you had been with us in Manchester, it was quite a reunion.
    All for now Dear - drop me a line any old time - always nice to hear from you.
    Kind thoughts & love to all.
                Sincerely as ever:
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