Motion Picture Relief Fund,
                6902 Santa Monica Boulevard,
                Hollywood (28)

I hereby grant unto the Motion Picture Relief Fund, Inc., its successors and/or assigns, the exclusive right to use my name, autograph, photographic likeness and/or artist's sketch of my likeness, for reproduction on photostamps, gravure, embossed, and/or printed stamps, and in stamp albums, and in connection with the advertising and exploitation of the aforsaid stamps and stamp albums, which may be sold throughout the world.
                By Very truly yours,
Stan Laurel Signature                 4328, Matiliha St.
                Sherman Oaks, Calif.

JULY 22ND.1946.
Los Angeles, Cal.

Motion Picture Relief Fund Signature

Hollywood Screen Stars Stamp Album

Motion Picture Reflief Fund Stamp Album

The “Hollywood Screen Stars Stamp Album” was produced to benefit the Motion Picture Relief Fund. Sets of stamp packets were were sold to complete the series of star stamps. Each of the numbered pages had a printed design and featured facsimile signatures of the appropriate star. Both Stan and Ollie particpated along with other screen stars including Lauren Bacall, Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney, Gary Cooper, Joan Crawford, Marlene Dietrich, Henry Fonda, Charlie Chaplin, Abbott & Costello and the Marx Brothers

—Harlich Mfg. Co.

Stan Watermark