Letter from Oliver Hardy to Myrtle Hardy
Transcription of Letter

Dear Little Girl,
                I was so pleased to get your sweet letter and invitation today at 4:30. I don’t think it advisable to see you as it would make matters worse for that day I am going to the desert hunting, but have gotten you a little something which I hope you will like and particularly the inscription on the inside. I will be with you as always in mind and heart as you are never out of my mind. I would have written you before, but your letter is the first I knew you could receive mail there. Regardless of the future dear do try and be the strong sweet little baby that you will always be in your daddy's heart. Have been working awfully hard there has been so much illness on this picture. Stan was laid up for 2 1/2 weeks Mae Busch for 4 weeks it seems we have been on it for a year -- Happy anniversary dear and I hope you like what I have gotten for you. I will send something to the house on Wed morning. Be sweet, think sweet and know that my devotion has never changed and never will. But we must go up hill and not back so consequently why that next time must be the time. I love you darling everlastingly.

Stan Watermark