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    STAN LAUREL LETTERHEAD - 849 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, CA - TYPEWRITTEN

                    JANUARY 4th.1965
Mr. Wiley Verhoeven
Prinses Margrietsingel 108,

Dear Mr. Verhoeven:
          Thank you very much for the kind invitation to visit your Country & to appear on the Dutch Television - I deeply appreciate the kind thought & gesture, & sentiments so graciously expressed.
          Unfortunately, due to my ill health condition I am unable to travel, it would be most difficult - too much of a strain, my Dr. does not permit my traveling.
          So sorry, I am unable to visit your beautiful Country - especially during the Tulip Season - would have enjoyed very much the pleasure of meeting you & your Family.
          Again my Thanks & wishes for a Happy, healthy, Prosperous New Year 1965.
                    Very Sincerely -
Stan Laurel Signature
                    STAN LAUREL.

POSTCARD - 849 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, CA - TYPEWRITTEN


Thanks Gary [Hodson] your card & letter 2nd.inst. We here too wish you & yours, a Happy, healthy & prosperous 1965. No, L&H were never invited to place our foot prints in Grauman's Chinese Theatre lobby. Pleased to know you're doing so well with your L&H film library - am sure Mike Polacek is of great assistance in collecting these. Am not feeling too good - taking Xray treatment twice a week (infection). Trust alls well & happy with you. - take care - God Bless.
                    As always -
Stan Laurel Signature
                    STAN LAUREL.

OCEANA LETTERHEAD - 849 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, CA - TYPEWRITTEN

                    Jan 9th.'65.
Dear Rene Rondeau:
          Thanks yours 6th.inst.
Due to my not feeling too good please pardon my being brief regarding your questions.
          The use of the characters own names, we felt it gave more reality than a fictitious name, for the same reason we used a real house in "Big Business" instead of a studio SET - the destruction would'nt have been so funny if the house was not real.
          The vases, furniture, chairs piano etc. were PROPS of course (things of no particular value were broken up - actually there was'nt a great deal of damage to the house itself - broken windows, awning torn off the Walls a couple of small trees chopped down & some bushes pulled up etc. It did'nt cost a great deal as everything was replaced & put in order by the Studio, plus a rental charge for the use of the property, which was quite reasonable.
          I believe that film was made in around 1O or 12 Days. shooting time.
          Re the critics - they seldom complained - practically ignored us - in a Theatre review, the Feature film would be given attention & finish up with L&H comedy also on the program.
          Yes, several times we abandoned the shooting script - incidently, this happened on "Big Business" in the original script we intended to call at several other houses to sell the Tree, but decided to stay at Finlayson's house & make the film in the one location instead - fortunately we decided right.
          My Family name is Arthur Stanley Jeffferson, Stan Laurel is my legalized Stage & Screen name - I was born in Ulverston, Lancashire, England June 16th.I890.
          Wish you & yours a Happy, healthy & successful 1965.
                    Sincerely -
Stan Laurel Signature
                    STAN LAUREL.


Dear Marilyn Sabini:
          Thanks your very nice letter, 8th.inst. Appreciate very much your kind sentiments so warmly expressed. Interesting to know you are studying Drama & Music - wish you lots of success in your future ambitions Marilyn - good luck & God Bless you.
          Strange your brother Louis still refers to me as 'Jefferson' after all these years I'm legally known as S.L. (since 1914) - wonder why?
          So nice to hear from you - wish you a very happy, healthy & successful 1965.
                    Sincerely always -
Stan Laurel Signature
                    STAN LAUREL.

"When I first decided to write to Stan Laurel in 1963, I asked my father how I should address him: Stan or Mr. Laurel. My Dad said, 'Well, his real name is Arthur Jefferson, so I think you should address him like that.' When my sister went away to college in 1964, my mother told me to write to her: 'You're writing to Stan Laurel, so write to your sister!' Instead, I wrote to Stan and asked him to write to her...and he did!" —Lou Sabini


OCEANA LETTERHEAD - 849 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, CA - TYPEWRITTEN

                    JAN. 15th.'65.
My Dear Irene [Heffernan]:
         Thanks your card & letter - so sorry you are still under the weather - I am having more trouble too, an infection on the roof of my mouth developed since seeing you last & am now taking way treatments twice a week, so far 7 sessions under the machine, improving thank goodness, but quite painful at times, especially when eating, a type of sore throat - so I fully sympathize. Re the photos, do'nt bother to send me return envelopes for yourself & Sister - I will he able to handle all that, just give me your sister's address & name. We here too enjoyed seeing Jim & your sweet self again & again our thanks for the lovely gifts Irene - its difficult for me to fully express our appreciation of your kindness & generosity, Bless you.
         Our love & fond thoughts to Jim & your sweet self - wish you a wonderful New Year - A real Happy, Healthy & Prosperous 1965.
         Take care - God Bless you -
                    as always -
Stan Signature

POSTCARD - 849 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, CA - TYPEWRITTEN

Dear Irene [Heffernan]:
          Forgot to enclose these stamps in my letter to you yesterday. Kindest & bestest from us both here to Jim & self -
                    as always -
Stan Signature

POSTCARD - 849 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, CA - TYPEWRITTEN

                    JAN.20th.'65. Profile

Thanks Bob [Stowell] your letter recd.this AM. (undated) Firstly - am happy to know you found new employment - congratulations - wish you good luck & success in your new surroundings - sorry not acknowledging your previous letters am not feeling too good - having some infection situation & taking several Xray treatments (twice a week) glad to tell you the trouble is improving, but at times its quite painful, which is expected. Anyway should be cleared up soon now.
          Note you ran "Way Out West" at the last meeting. I enjoyed making that film (a Happy Memory) So nice to hear from you again Bob - Mrs L joins in kindest & bestest to Pat & your kind self & family.
          Bye - God Bless.
                    as always -
Stan Laurel Signature

POSTCARD - 849 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, CA - TYPEWRITTEN

                    JAN.29th.'65 Profile

Thanks Hank [Jones], yours, 27th.inst. with enclosure TV Guide clipping re Skelton program Feb.2nd. Appreciate the reminder, shall watch with interest. I too saw Gracie Fields on the Paar show - she certainly has aged, but I enjoyed seeing her again. Sorry business is slow, unfortunately its always that way BETWEEN PICTURES is'nt it??!!
          Take care of yourself Hank -
                    as always -
Stan Signature
                    STAN LAUREL.



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