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Since I can remember, I’ve been a fan of Stan and Babe. Over the years, I dreamed of starting a project that would tell Stan Laurel’s story using his own words. is that dream come true. The Stan Laurel Correspondence Archive Project hopes to collect and catalog as many of Stan’s letters as is possible, allowing everyone to better understand his life and celebrate his comedic genius.

First and foremost, we need your letters! This is a very ambitious project. Please support the project by submitting your letters for inclusion in the Archives. If you have an original letter from Stan or have a copy not included in these archives, contact us via e-mail at: to add a copy of your letter.

Each and every letter is an important part of the searchable content of the Archive and will forever be made available FOR FREE to fans and researchers alike. There will never be a charge to use the Archive, nor will I ever make a penny in profit from its contents. This is a totally genuine labor of love on my part. It’s my gift to Stan, for years of laughter and uncomparable joy!

Since starting the Archive in 2007, I’ve done all of the designing, scanning and transcribing myself. Not to mention having paid every penny of the costs associated with uploading and maintaining the website since its inception out of my own pocket. So to those of you who have had kind things to say about the Archive, and to those of you who have supported the Archive over the years—a tip of the bowler hat to you!

Something to ponder when reading Stan’s letters: he didn’t write them ever thinking their contents would be accessible to everyone in the computer age. Therefore, I believe, his letters show his true self. And that true self turns out to be the kindest, gentlest, sweetest, most charitable (and FUNNY) guy you would ever have the good fortune to know. His love for Babe comes out in every letter where he discusses the team. In fact, I don’t believe there is a single letter where he mentions his Academy Award without also wishing Babe was there to share in the honor! Anyone who still believes any of the tabloid stories that these guys didn’t get along just need to read a few of Stan’s letters where he mentions his “Dear old partner.”

I also believe that through his letters, we all get a small taste of what Stan Laurel—the man—was all about. I relish the opportunity to get to know him better and feel rewarded after having done so.

I have to tell you, personally reading and uploading each of these letters has already given me a greater understanding of Stan that no book has yet matched. Reading words he himself set forth on paper is bringing him to life for me and making me feel like I have received a very special private invitation to visit, sit and chat for a while—one-on-one—with Mr. Laurel myself.

As ever:-

Bernie Hogya

Stan Watermark